Atari introduced the 2600 in 1976. Over 24 years later, it is still going strong; kept alive by classic gaming enthusiasts everywhere. It is powered by a 6507 processor (which is a 6502 without interrupts or the higher address lines bonded out), a 6532 RAM/IO/Timer chip, and the TIA or television interface adaptor. The 2600 was designed with only 128 bytes of RAM and up to 4K bytes of cartridge ROM space. However, in the later years of the console's life, these were gotten around by clever hardware hacks.

SIZES.TXT the file for 2600 cartridge technical information. ROM size, bankswitch type, and a description of how all the bankswitching works!

The Puma 2600, A portable Atari 2600!

Schematics for the 2600 Jr., Complete 2600 Jr. schematics except for the RF modulator.

Text files related to the 2600 can be found here .

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