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Latest Progress:

Added the EEPROM emulation for the Bandai games-- mappers
16 and 157.  Currently debugging it.  To my knowledge, no
emulators support the EEPROM.  I will be first!

Finally got EEPROM working!  This is the first device
outside of a real live Famicom to have a working game
save on mapper 16.  w00t.  I now have a generic
EEPROM object that can be used elsewhere, though I don't
think any other carts used it except the Bandai ones.

BOTH kinds of EEPROM used on the Bandai carts work now.
The barcode games (Datach) work too without hanging up,
but of course they aren't too useful without the scanner.

All four kinds of mapper 16 work now.  16 with EEPROM type #1,
159 with EEPROM type #2 (I assigned this mapper), 157 which is
Datach (and uses EEPROM type #1), and 153 which uses WRAM
and 512K of PRG ROM with funky mapping.  Whew, what a mess.


7 more mappers done!  110, 188, 193, 199, 205, 245, and 249.
188 is pretty funny... karaoke!  I dunno who thought up the idea
of doing it on the Famicom but it's hilarious.  Each tune has a
little animation that goes along with it.

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