ML-1 Brown Board (continued)

Part Number 1507

Top of the clean and unpotted board. It weighs in at 1/2 ounce right now.

Bottom of clean and unpotted board. All the broken routes have been fixed at this point.

Here's the parts that will be going back on the board. Only the finest broken VCR parts were used. :-)

And the chips, which have been 100% tested and cleaned to make sure they will still function when reinstalled.

The resistors and caps and diodes have been installed on the board. I re-used a bunch of the capacitors, since I don't have .56uF and .82uF caps... Those are some odd-ball values. I slipped a piece of teflon tubing on the lead, and then put heatshrink over the cap to prevent it shorting out on the card cage or anything else.

And now all the chips have been reinstalled. The board is now ready for testing and probing.

Schematic of this board. (note: clicky for larger)

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