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Now, put the membranes on top of the domes. Get it right or you MIGHT be typin' but it'll come out all garbled and shitty!

Put on the plates to hold your keyboard sandwich together. Damn there's alot of those little bastard screws. The PCB mounts over top of the plates to make a circuit with the membrane (pushed by the squooshy rubber). Don't forget that clear plastic thing over the LEDs when putting the board on.

Here's what the PCB looks like on the back side.

And the front.

Check out how old this damn thing is.

Eww that's nasty. Dirt and crumbs and crap collected in the bottom thanks to shitty gravity.

A little windex fixes things right up, as well as liberal application of cussing. Yes, the keyboard was still ON and plugged in during this whole ordeal.

Here's the front without the black plunger/tit things, and all the dirt cleaned off.

And with the tits installed.

Your job, if you choose to accept it, is putting these keytops back on the tits.

Woohoo, it's done! It's like having a brand new keyboard without the brand-new price.

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