How to Make Pizza, Day 2, Page 3

Nope, that shit still ain't done.

Now, get out your bachelor heatsink. What? You don't have one? Well use a hotpad or some shit. I don't give a rat's ass.

Twist the hot knob thing until it says "off" the red blinky light thing goes out.

That shit is done now! But don't take it out yet. You got crap to do

You need one of these things so you don't burn the fuck out of your hand.

And, some of this shit too.

Using that pink thing, take the shit out and drop it on the heatsink.

Then, take 2 sheets of that paper towel crap, and fold it over some

Then, sop up that nasty artery clogging oil and shit off of there. You don't wanna die from a pizza-induced death, do ya?!

That's better. We removed about an ounce of pure artery gold.

Then, you need one of these doohickeys to cut that fucker up!

Then ya cut that shit all up into something you can eat.

There, throw some of it on a plate, get a beer and pig the fuck out!

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