How to Make Sodapop

You need this crap before you can continue.

Gotta take the lid off or else you won't be carbonating worth a fawk.

Put the bottle into the Carbonamadoodle. Screw it all the way in now.

Press the button! The button! The button!

FSSSSST!! Press it a couple times until it farts. I prefer 5 farts in my water.

Push this thingy in to angle the bottle out for removal.

Removing the bottle cap would be a good thing to do right about now.

Measure out enough of this crap. Fill the cup thing up to the line or else it'll come out shitty!

Dump it in, dump it in!

Cap that crap, or else it'll shoot all over like a gyser!

Then shake the shiznit out of it! SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE!

Pour it into your Bachelor Glass and enjoy!

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