Chow Mein Ramen

Here's the stuff we're gonna be cookin' today. Geeze, there's TWO little packets in there? Damn! And what the hell is a "Laver"?! OK, the package says to do this shit in a frying pan.. fuck that. I'm not Martha Stuart! OK, I'm gonna just do it the normal way with some pr0ns/shrimp!
Put the Brown Juice sauce packet in there and watch it roil and seethe! Now, stick the NoodleBlock(tm) in there. Let that crap cook down, then drain it! Note: see the "Bean Curd" article for notes on draining so ya don't screw it up!!
I guess this Green Lover, earm, Laver stuff goes in now or something. Mix that crap in there good, and eat it out of the pan.

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