Chajang Myun Ramen

(Don't ask me, I just work here)

Here's the stuff we're gonna be cookin' today. Holy crap! There's no less than *3* little packets in there!!! What the hell?! They expect me to get this right? Hmm, yup, three indeed. Maybe I should get some help for this. It sure looks complicated.

OK, this is the Brown Juice powder. Sorta looks/smells like cocoa powder.

And there are some funky freeze-dried veggies in this other packet.
Guess ya get some boiling water going and throw both in there or something.
Add the NoodleBlock(tm) and let that crap cook awhile. Oh Yeah, add some pr0nz to it. They taste gooooood! Stir that crap around so it all gets soaked with the brown Mystery Juice.
Drain that crap like usual, only leaving "3-4 spoons" of Brown Juice in there. (This is what the package said). There's a sheen of oil on the remaning Brown Juice, so why the hell do ya gotta... add even more oil to it? Oh well, don't ask me. I'm just cooking this junk. There, guess that's it. Eat it out of the pan and enjoy!

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