Tech Specs:

Max. 64K PRG ROM.
Max. 64K CHR ROM.


This board was used on most of AVE's carts. It can support up to 64K each of PRG and CHR ROM. There is a spot for their lockout defeat chip, but it is not used on any of the carts I own. Instead, they stuffed a discrete circuit for the defeat.

There is only one register on this cart. It maps in kinda strangely.

4100-41FF, 4300-43FF, 4500-45FF ... 5F00-5FFF

7       0

C: Selects an 8K CHR ROM bank
P: Selects a 32K PRG ROM bank

L: Lockout defeat control.  These run to the discrete parts on the board for the defeat
   circuit. See the lockout page for info on how this circuit works.

CHR and PRG banks are unknown on startup.  Mirroring is hardwired on cart.

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