1993 Super HiK 4 in 1

Cartridge Front

Cartridge Board

What Is It?

Another MMC3-based multicart. Has 4 MMC3 games on it.

The Games:

Master Fighter 3 (StreetFighter clone), Bubbce Bobbce 2 (Bubble Bobble 2), Gun-Nac, and Zen Ninja (Zen: The Intergalactic Ninja).

The Tech:

Has a pirate MMC3 (marked "AX5202P" on the chip) and some misc. TTL logic to map in the game select register.


This mapper has been assigned the number 49.  (that's 49 decimal)

Cart is marked "1993 SUPER HIK 4 in 1".  The game lineup:

Master Fighter III (Dunno, not the "usual" SF/MK clone)
Bubbce Bobbce II   (Bubble Bobble 2)
Zen Ninja          (Zen: The Intergalactic Ninja)


This is very similar to the 7 in 1 I RE'd awhile back.  It's made by the
same company, and the hardware is similar.  The games don't appear to have
hacked out copyrights or anything.  The menu code is at the end of the first
bank like usual.

Hardware consists of 2 TTL chips (74HC174 and 74HC157) and a pirate
MMC3 in a 40 pin DIP package.


There is 512K of PRG ROM, and 512K of CHR ROM

Standard MMC3 write addresses apply.  This cart is somewhat interesting since
it is set up to play NROM titles as well.  The menu shows 23 or so titles,
while only 4 appear when the game is run.


They used the WRAM output line to operate the 74174 on here which I thought
was somewhat clever.  Since they did this, you must enable WRAM on the MMC3
before you can write to the register.

This register is accessed via writes to 06000h-07fffh.

7  bit  0

The B bits select which 128K page to work with for PRG AND CHR.  The MMC3
can only "see" 128K of PRG and 128K of CHR at a time due to the way the
ROMs are wired.  These B bits select the 128K page.  bit 6 = LSB,
bit 7 = MSB.

The S bit controls the cart's mode.  When set, the cart will be in MMC3
mode, and the MMC3 has full control of the 128K worth of PRG, and the
128K worth of CHR.

When the S bit is cleared, however, the cart reverts to "NROM compatibility
mode".  The PRG ROM is "disconnected" from the MMC3 entirely, and the P bits
select which 32K PRG ROM bank will be used.  CHR addressing is NOT affected
by this, presumably since you can select desired bank via the MMC3.

bit 5 is the MSB, and bit 4 is the LSB.


How to work it good:

When first powered up, the bank select register is cleared to 00h.  This
selects the first 32K of PRG data, and the first 128K of CHR data.
There is a piece of bootstrap code which is loaded into 0400h and run.
It enables WRAM on the MMC3, and sets the bank select register to point
to the bank with the menu.

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