1991 Super HiK 7 in 1 384K

Cartridge Front

Cartridge Board

What Is It?

Somewhat intresting MMC3-based multicart. Has 7 games on it and is 2Mbytes in size. For some reason, those lazy pirates didn't even hack the title screens, so full copyright and game maker information is displayed on most games.

The Games:

Adventure Island 2, Super Contra, Robocop 2, China Dragon, Silkworm, Double Dragon 3, TMNT 2

The Tech:

Has a pirate MMC3 (marked "T1" on the chip) and some misc. TTL logic to map in the game select register. The menu code is in the Adventure Island 2 ROM.


This mapper has been assigned the number 44.  (that's 44 decimal)

Cart is marked "1991 Super HiK 7 in 1 384K" with the usual humorous
"Remarks" message about "defauts" on the back.

Another weird multicart from those brainiacs in the far east.  Unlike the
other multicarts with the same old crap, this one is unique.  The 7 games
have been left intact for the most part (including copyright messages and
such), and they are all MMC3-based.  There are 6 128K/128K games, and 1
256K/256K game.  The menu code resides in the Adventure Island 2 ROM bank
(bank 0).

Hardware consists of 3 TTL chips (74HC161, 74HC153, 74HC138) and a pirate
MMC3 in a 40 pin DIP package.


There is 1Mbyte of PRG ROM, and 1Mbyte of CHR ROM

Standard MMC3 write addresses apply, with a wildcard thrown in for good

The cartridge is a normal MMC3 cart with a 3 bit bank select register which
is write-only.  Its state determines which game will be played.  The MMC3
controls all mirroring and bankswitching otherwise.

The address of this register is:

A15              A0

101x xxxx xxxx xxx1

valid addresses would then be:

A001, A003, A005, A007 ... BFFF

D0-D2 are used to select the desired game.


How to work it good:

When first powered up, the bank select register is cleared to 000b.  This
selects the first bank of data; 128K PRG and 128K CHR.  The menu code is
in this first bank (which also holds Adventure Island 2).

Writing to the bank select register selects the desired game to play.

Each game is 128K/128K (PRG/CHR) except the last game, which is 256K/256K.

Writing 000b to the register selects the first game,
Writing 001b to the register selects the second game
Writing 110b to the register selects the last (256K/256K) game
Writing 111b to the register also selects the last game

The 74HC153 is used to control this weird arrangement by the finagling of
the upper address lines on the PRG and CHR ROMs.

Most likely code similar to this will be used:

8000: LDA #06h       ;desired game to play
8002: JMP 00200h     ;jump to RAM, 'cause this ROM is gone

0200: STA 0A001h     ;select the game through the register
0203: JMP (0FFFCh)   ;jump to reset vector

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