AGCI 47516


Tech Specs:

Max. 64K PRG ROM.
Max. 64K CHR RAM.
74LS377 mapper.


This board is nearly identical to the REV B board made by Colordreams. What the fuck is up with that? I dunno what the deal was with AGCI, unless it was just another front company for Colordreams or something. The PCB is nearly identical to the Colordreams "REV B" board. The lockout is identical, except they used a 51 ohm resistor in place of the 47 ohm resistor. I doubt 4 ohms will make ANY difference at all.

The cutest thing though is all the parts. They had them CUSTOM MARKED. why why why?! What a waste of money. The transistors are marked "AGCI 1", "AGCI 2", "AGCI #3", and the 74LS377 is marked "AGCI#4".

Speaking of, I'm wondering how they are related to AVE, since AVE's Maxi-15 has games on it from AVE, Colordreams, and AGCI. Guess all the US manufacturers liked to stick together or something.

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