Colordreams Revision A


Tech Specs:

Max. 64K PRG ROM.
Max. 64K CHR RAM.
74LS377 mapper.


This cart was used on nearly all of the baby blue carts they made. Interesting things to note are the set of holes marked "J1". This would've allowed them to bypass their lockout defeat and plug in a regular Nintendo lockout chip, presumably for rental usage. Anyone have a board that includes this circuit? Some of my boards actually do have the connector soldered on, but no lockout board.

It makes me laugh that they wasted their time scratching off the part numbers. What the hell were they thinking?! This didn't slow me down one bit. I desoldered the chip, plugged it into my chip tester, and it reported it as a 74LS377. The transistors are likewise simple to figure out with a multimeter. They did get cute though and use two different kinds of NPN transistors to thwart RE'ing efforts. Slowed me down for around 2 seconds.

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