Colordreams Attempt #4

BC6 board

Circuit Diagram

How it works:

The final installment in the Colordreams saga. After this was released, they stopped upgrading the circuit. I know this circuit works, because I have played these carts on my console. The LED will flash up to 8 times or so before the lockout chip is effectively stunned.

Circuit Operation:

This one works pretty similar to attempt #3. The D2 line operates the same way, as does the charge pump, so they will not be discussed. D3 is very similar, but the weirdness is how they drive two transistors with the one from D3. One of the transistors' collectors is simply tied to ground through the mysterious diode. The other runs to a cap and then to the lockout pin, very similar to the Codemasters method. There are 2 resistors to ground which drain the charge (this is why it says to wait 10 seconds after turning the NES off before turning it on again). As with the others, software must operate this lockout defeat for it to function.

Not much more to say.

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