Aaah, the NES. One of the more fun consoles to hack around on. Lots of undocumented things to bite you on your arse. :-) However, most things can be figured out with a little patience and persistance. This was definitely the Little Console That Could; released at a time when america was in its biggest videogame slump. No one wanted to play them any more, stores refused to sell them... but Nintendo won out and sales exploded.

Check out for all the tech info you could want about the NES. It's all here.

My NES Projects:

CopyNES! - Copies any NES Cart, Play NSFs, Dev, and more!
HardNES - My first hardware NSF player
Portendo - Prototype of a portable NES

Here are my contributions:

Weird Pirate Crap! - What more to say.
Mapper Docs that I have written.
Pictures of NES/Fami stuff.
NES Programming stuff - My QBASIC programs related to the NES.
NES Chip pinouts and other assorted junk.
VRC 6 QBASIC proggy

Listen to my MP3s related to the NES.

SONG6467 The MP3 version of the register dump of the same name, found in my VRC7 simulator .ZIP. However... it is played back on the *REAL* VRC7 using some 6502 I wrote :-)
VRC7B This is an MP3 version of the opening title of the game, played back on the real hardware. I used the sound test feature of the game to play this one, actually.
CV3j as played by QBASIC - output from above VRC6 QBASIC proggy.

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