Welcome to the NSF Collection and the Official NSF Specifications page.

What are NSFs? NSFs are music data ripped from Nintendo / Famicom games, without the game. This allows you to use Winamp and a proper plugin to play just the music from your favourite Nintendo/Fami games without actually having to play the game! No more having to start up the emulator or fire up your console just to hear the music. I have prepared a large collection of NSF tunes. All tunes are in an easy to navigate directory structure, with long file names. I have processed each tune to make sure it works, and is intact. If you find any problem tunes let me know and they will be fixed on the next release.

To play these NSFs you will need an NSF plugin along with Winamp. See the links below for these.

If you would like to make your own NSFs, check out Chris Covell's NSF ripping document, along with the official NSF specifications.

Official NSF Specifications version 1.61
Emule link for the NSF collection 06/28/00
Chris' ripping guide version 1.40

NSF Related links

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