Buy a CopyNES Kit or Conversion


Due to demand, I have decided to perform CopyNES conversions as well as provide a kit of parts and PCBs.

I have for sale various key components along with a full kit so that you can only buy what you need.

If you are interested in buying anything, e-mail me. Lemme know what you want and what country you live in and I will give you a shipping quote. I accept Paypal and money orders and cash, though Paypal is probably the best way. No personal checks please.

PCB only ----------------------  $12
Programmed EPROM --------------  $6
IDC connector -----------------  $7
6' DB25 male to male cable ----  $5
40 pin board to board conn. ---  $6
PCB + 40 pin con. + IDC con. --  $21
Kit of all parts + PCB + cables  $45
Complete Conversion -----------  $125

NOTE: If you wish to buy any of the other parts piecemeal, like the 6522, lemme know. I will be more than happy to sell them to you.

I am offering various kit packages so that people who don't need all the parts can just buy what they need.

I highly recommend you get the IDC connector and 40 pin board to board connector if you buy a PCB though, since the IDC connector can be very tricky to make, and the board to board connector is somewhat specialized and pretty critical due to its height and such. You can get away without either one but the ones I offer make life alot easier. I also kinda suggest buying my DB-25 male/male cable because then you will have the proper cable to use with the unit. It's nothing special, but it has been tested and works with CopyNES.

If you use my PCB, here is the Assembly Guide.

The complete kit of course comes with all parts including the IDC connector, etc. The only thing missing is an NES console :-)

As for a complete conversion, you send me a working front-loading "toaster" model NES and I modify and return it. It must be working though! I will check :-)

Some people are working on RAM carts for CopyNES to allow for homebrew development work. This includes an NRAM cart for 32K PRG / 8K CHR work, a UNRAM cart for 128K bankswitched games, and I am working on an MMC1/MMC3/MMC5 RAM cart for those mappers. I'll post updates as they happen. Pictures of the items for sale:

Complete kit contents

Printed Circuit Board

Pre-programmed EPROM

IDC Cable

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