Votrax ML-1 - The Votrax board level speech synthesizer
Votrax TNT - Another Votrax device unpotted and ROM dumped!
Votrax PSS - Here's how I unpotted the module, and dumped "undumpable" ROMs!
Plastic Moulding - What it takes to get something made in plastic
The 5200 Jr - a small Atari 5200 game system
CopyNES - Copies NES games, reverse engineers mappers
EMPIC3 - My hardware MP3 player
EPROM Emulator - Emulates 2K through 1Mbyte EPROMs
HardNES - A hardware .NSF player
Intellivision Multicart - Another "all games in one" creation.
Kevtris - The Colecovision game I wrote.
LEDs - Some LED stuff.
Nixie Tube Clock - A Nixie tube clock.
Can Cooler of DOOOOOOM - Small electric drink can cooler.
Portendo - Guts of a homemade portable NES.
2600 Puma Portable - My portable Atari 2600.
SID Players - Various SID players I have constructed.
Bankzilla - 2600 with all the games.
Mapper Database - Huge NES mapper database.

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