How to Make Pizza, Day 2, Page 2

Sprinkle a shitload of cayenne pepper on there to heat it up a bit.

Then a fuckload of crushed red pepper too.

Now, here is why you didn't put the crust all the way to the edge. You're gonna put cheese around there. This makes a nice crispy cheese crust.

Now, dump the rest of the cheese shit all over the thing evenly and stuff.

Then, dispose of the sauce thing in the empty bag so that crap don't squirt out and ruin your shit!

Throw it away, and don't think about using it as a chair leg prop.

Now, put the pepperoni and shit on there.

And mushrooms and whatever the fuck else you want on it.

Wait until that little red light thingy turns off and starts blinking and shit.

Then, throw it in the hot place on your oven and let that shit cook! cook! coook!!!!

Don't touch it. That shit ain't done yet.

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